Moral story for students|english story reading|English essay

Moral story for students|english story reading|English essay


Law of justice is ruling the universe . Misdeeds are punished and noble deeds are rewarded by a hidden power. If we sow seeds of gram , we cannot expect crop of wheat. If we plant a lemon tree we cannot expect it to yield
sweet mangoes. We reap what we sow . This is the law of nature which none can change. This world is like a dome Cry loud and you hear back what you cry. If you curse others. Curses are hurled at you.If Dishonesty
and misdeeds never pay in the end. Men who dig pits for others themselves fall into them


Man has to work to live and to progress. Works are many. They have to be done one after another. He who changes work after work, performs none and achieves nothing. A plant constantly removed from place to place never thrives . It must be allowed to grow roots. A man who no changes from occupation to occupation earns nothing. He remains unfit for any work all his life. Perseverance is necessary to progress stick to one job, till you get mastery over it. Persons who change their direction off and on are like weather cocks. They achieve nothing and their lives end on utter disappointment . So we should change one work for another only when we have mastered the first.


Gold is precious metal, it has many properties. One of them is that it glitters Gold has a permanent value . It is useful at all times and under any conditions . Other metals and things may be have the same glitter
but not the same value. It is never wise to judge anything by its external appearance . It is also unwise to consider two things equal because they may be externally similar . We should judge the things for their inner value . Life is full of snares . The world is full of show-off and delusive appearence . Vice frequently puts on the garb of virtue . Foolish and shallow often pass for wise by keeping up appearances.So it is necessary that in the judgement of things we should not be deceived ( by appearences.


Rome is the capital of Italy. It is a very big city built on seven hills. It was not built all over night . It took years and years to build it. Big places and buildings are made slowly and slowly. Small brooks and streams join and form the rivers. Big and tall trees grow up from tiny seeds . Their growth is slow and gradual . Body of man, who is now stout and strong grows up from a small number of cells. The civilization of man has been a very slow process covering centuries of years. So nothing big can be produced or acquired in a short time. In the same way poets sculptures and painters achieve fame and wealth slowly. In short in every sphere of life it is slow and steady progress that leads to a really good achievement .


“Will” means determination to do something. The person who decides to do something does achieve success. Life is a chain of struggle one after another. We have to fight for everything. Sometimes circumstances are so much against us that we grow hopeless . But we must keep in mind that if our will to get a thing is strong, we will ultimately succeed. Failures are really the pillars of success . In the course of our efforts , we come across failures but we should not give up our determination. We may lose health, wealth and everything. But if we retain a strong will,all losses can be coverved .Pakistan was as impossibility in the eyes of the world.
in the ever.But the Muslims and their leaders got Pakistan So, if we have a will to do a thing, there are hundreds and one ways open to us.


Childhood or infancy up to 13 years of age, is one of the major stages in a person’s development. By the age of 13, most boys and girls have nearly doubled in height and quadrupled in weight. They have also begun to develop sexually. They are thus starting to look more and more like young adults. Childhood is the period between infancy and and parents play a vital role in their children’s development. In each general public, ordinary advancement incorporates figuring out how to impart, to coexist with others, and to act wisely and capably . All parents are expected to help their children develop these skills.
In developing countries like Pakistan, almost 50% of children never attend any school. Instead, they are assigned farm of household chores in which they normally acquire (get) the necessary skill. Children’s physical and psychological growth varies according to their environment.
Childhood can be divided into four stages based on periods of major psychological change. These stages are (1) the toddler stage covering 3 years of age; (2) the preschool years that extend from about 3 to 5 years of age; (3) the early school years which last from about age 5 to 8, and (4) the preteen-age years that extend from about 8 to 13.
Childhood is influenced most by two main forces-heredity affecting physical and mental traits inherited from parents and environment affecting the child’s development of these inherited traits arising from his surrounding. Individual differences among children are caused by heredity and environment acting together, not separately. In general, heredity limits what the environment can do in influencing a child’s development. For instance, each youngster acquires a propensity to develop to a specific stature. Not even the best natural conditions will empower a youngster to develop a lot taller than this tallness.. Children differ greatly in their physical appearance and rate of growth. Differences in intelligence among children are measured by 1Q (intelligent quotient ) tests. Mostly about two-third of all children score from 84 to 116. About a sixth score below 84 and a sixth score above 116.

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