My favourite book|Importance of educating women|English essay topics


My favourite book|Importance of educating women|English essay topics

The Holy Quran, usually spelt as koran, book of the Muslims. The angel Gabriel revealed the book to the prophets mohammad “Quran” means a recitation ( reading) or something to be recited ,presumably in workship .The revelation began about A.D. 610 and continued until prophets mohammad’s death in 632.the complete ayats ( verses) and surats (chapters) of the Quran were not compiled in a book during prophet mohammad’s lifetime. The standard text of the Quran appeared for the first time during the reign of Caliph Usman who ruled from 644 to 650.
We muslims believe in the Quran to be the word of Allah Himself, and in no sense the composition of Prophet Mohammed. As a matter o fact it is a copy of an eternal book that is kept in heaven. The Quran consists of verses grouped into 114 rukoos( sub-chapters) that vary in length from 3 lines to over 200 verses written mostly in rhymed Arabic prose which is humanly unmatchable . The Quran is a miracle (marvel) that confirms Mohammed’s prophethood . It teaches us that there is no God but Allah and that Prophet Mohammed is the last prophet till Doomsday (Day of Judgement ). Allah stresses (emphasizes ) that He sent the Quran as a guide for human (sumission ) to Him. The Koran contains (has) many teachings designed to regulate every Muslim’s daily life.
The Quran is the only most widely read book in the world.You can discover its “hafiz (memorizer ) in each Muslim people group yet you can’t discover the hafiz of some other strict book on any aspect of this world. All the Muslims of all the sects read the Koran in their 5 time daily prayers. It is the final authority in matters of faith and practice for all the Muslims. It is the highest authority for Islamic law, for each of the 56 Muslim countries in the world. The Quran is memorized, at least in part, by every Muslim man or woman because his or her daily prayer is not acceptable to Allah without reciting it. The reverence (respect ) for the Holy Quran is so great; that even the illiterate Muslim possesses, its copy in his house. The art of properly reciting the Koran has been enhanced by the modern technology of audio and video cassette recording. It is in this background of veneration (reverence) that the Quran is my most favourite book.



There is a proverb that “child is the father of man”. Who is this child? He is generally a school or college student. So his constructive role is so important that he looks like a serious father managing his household. Naturally a student of today is a dependable resident of tomorrow. So it is easily intelligible that a student community taken together builds a nation. Take the case of the students of the Muslim Anglo-Indian Oriental (MAO) College of Aligarh. Its students. built the nation of Pakistan. It was the only Muslim college worth the name in the Indian subcontinent that produced those students who built Pakistan.
The role of students in nation building has thus been exemplified by the Aligarian students. Till we got autonomy in 1947, the Muslims had no composed shape. Politically there were many other parties besides the Muslim League. Some of them even contradicted the formation of Pakistan. Only the Muslim students of India were unanimous in creating Paksitan. They actually did all that they could in making a new Muslim country of their own appear on the map of the world. So we can say that if they had not played their role, the inception of Pakistan would definitely have delayed much longer than 1947. Thanks to their joint efforts.
We may recall that no political leaders could put an end to the dictatorial ( despotic) rules of Ayub Khan and Z.A Bhutoo. It was the students who came forward to play their role in nation building and their unflinching struggle succeeded in causing the renaissance ( regenation) of democracy in Pakistan. It is unfortunate that the later staunch dictators like Zia ul Haq have been banning the formation of students unions. What was its result? We have entered the new millennium through the start of the 21st century and democracy is not yet at our doors. This brings us to the conclusion (result) that as long as students unions are banned the entry of democracy in Pakistan will also remain banned in Pakistan. This is because no students wants to play any type of destructive role while, we have experienced multifarious (various ) shapes of the subversive (destructive) policies of our political leaders, particularly in provoking (aggravating ) sectarian clashes and thus bringing a damage to the smooth running of our economy.


My favourite bookImportance of educating womenEnglish essay topics

Women all over the world are almost 50% of the total population.It is unfortunate on their part that half of them still remain deprived of education. Their deprivation is in its worst condition in the third world comprising the poor countries like Pakistan where it is tradition not to allow the education of their daughters beyond the primary school of the village. The result is obvious. If the girl of today is illiterate and uneducated, the mother of tomorrow will also be illiterate. If the lap of mother remains covered with the darkness of illiteracy, then naturally the children will also look like savages . As long as women remain ignorant their children will remain illiterate and unable to compete with nations who have developed through education.
The progress of a country depends on the equal contribution of men and women both. If in the under-developed countries. we see women taking meals to their fathers or husbands working in the field, so their contribution in industrial sector also will definitely assist (help) the economic development of these countries. This means that if the women are a part and parcel of the domestic life of the household they are also the same in the economic life of the country. They have actually proved their worth (proficiency ) in outdoor life as scientists like Madam Cune, as Prime Minister like Mrs. Thatcher and queens like Queen Elizabeth II who has been the only emperor in the world who has been indisputed ruler of Great Britain since 1952.
The importance of educating women becomes further manifest (clear) when we realize (feel) that Islam does not all prohibit ( debar) women from getting education. The traditions of the Holy Prohopet also emphasize ( stress) equally the education of men and women. Wig the hard luck of us Muslims that our elders have been crushing the idea of ecudating women. Even Sir Syed Ahmed Khan did not initiate (start) the education of women. His Aligarh college scheme was indeed reserved for men only. The result is that non-Muslim women working shoulder to shoulder with their menfolk have contributed to the progress of mankind in every field of life as engineers and doctors. It is therefore incumbent on our part to give due importance to the education of women in Pakistan.

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