Newspapers in education |Status of women in islam |English Essay Words


Newspapers in education the masses ,Status of women in islam ,English Essay Words

A look at the pages of the world histroy cleary showns the role of the newspapers in educating the masses .
Look at the It was The newspapers that reinforced it. For that we are extremely grateful (thankful ) to the great editors like Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, Maulana Shaukat Ali, Maulana Jauhar Ali, etc. In this sense, the history of Pakistan owes its origin to the role of the newspapers in educating the Muslim masses of the Indian subcontinent.
Newspapers educate the masses in different ways. Above all, they give political lessons to their readers. They mould the public opinion either for or against some government policy. In Pakistan, a time came when our newspapers moulded the public opinion in favour of Z.A Bhutoo as the Quaid-e-Ayam but then came a time when they paved for the justification of his execuation . Then we have another such example in the case of endorsement or condemnation of our martial law regimes . There came a time when our newspapers moulded the public opinion in 1968 in favour of the 10 year jubilee campaign of Ayub’s dictatorship under the guise of “basic democracies”. Next year the newspapers moulded the public opinion against Ayub and he had to resign. These two examples suffice to highlight the role of the In the field of education, newspapers educate the masses through different aritcles and supplements wirtten by the educationists and men of letters. Above all they give periodical reports of the curricular and extra-curricular activities of the educational institutions. Besides , they publish on weekly basis the educational supplement even for children and women. They also publish religious articles and thus strengthen the religious teaching. This again indicates the importance of the role of the newspapers in educating the masses.


Newspapers in education the masses ,Status of women in islam ,English Essay Words

i had just passed my 6th class examination when I had to accompany my mother to attend the marriage ceremony of one of my cousins at Sukkur. Our seats were reserved for the train and I was very happy to see a
doctor sitting next to us. He was reading some medical magazine when our train passed Landhi railway station. I took interest in him and he in turn began to show kindness to me. I began to feel sleepy and he noticed my drowsiness . He helped me in rising to the berth to enjoy my sleep. He saw me moving my head here and there in the absense of any pillow. He placed his bag under my head to serve as iny pillow.
The noise at Dadu railway station awoke me and I saw that the doctor rose up and left the compartment. The train started and he did not return. I waited for a few minutes thinking that he might be standing near the door to enjoy fresh air but even after half an hour he did not come back. I came down the berth to ask my mother about the doctor and she told me that he had left us as his destination was Dadu. I whispered to my mother about my pillow which was actually his bag. She orderd me to keep quiet and put his bag in her suitcase saying that she would send it to him from Sukkur. At the railway station, my uncle received us. We reached home and my mother searched each part of the bag to find out the doctor’s address. She could not find it. There was a packet rolled tightly. She opened it and was astonished to find a packet of 100 new notes or Rs. 1000/- each. This one lakh rupee packet surprised everybody. As there was no address of the doctor in the bag, so it was unanimously decided that it should be deposited in my bank account as its owner had given his bag to serve as my pillow. This Karachi-Sukkur journey was indeed the most memorable experience of my childhood.


Newspapers in education the masses ,Status of women in islam ,English Essay Words

islam is not the only (sole ) religion of the world. There are many others like Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, etc. However no man on earth can deny the fact that Islam is the only religion that gives higher status to women than any other religion of the world. Take the case of inheritance (heritage). When a man dies, his widow will by law be the first to get! the share of his inheritance being 18th of her husband’s legacy. No other inheritor belonging to the deceased can get even a single paisa unless she has been paid her allocated (allotted) share of inheritance. Mothers, daughters and sisters of the dying man are also likewise entitled for their allocated share in inheritance. No other religion today considers women entitled for inheritance.
Islam does not compel (bind) women to remain slaves as wives, sisters, mothers and daughters. If, in their outdoor life, they strictly observe veil, they can enter into any profession. We have come to know through traditions that even into the days of our Holy Prophet (peace be upon him), women performed their outdoor duty at least as nurses in the battle fields. Khadija, the first wife of our Holy Prophet (saw) was herself one of the members of the then Chamber of Commerce of Makkah Muzzamah at the time or her marriage with our Holy Prophet Therefore it is true to say that islam keeps the doors of every profession open to all women. This means that Islam gives due prestige to the status of women.
Islam, every Muslim is bound to obey first of all his inother, then his father.A tradation says: Paradise lies under the feet of your mother. Here it also means that our father worth our respect than our mother who, on her part, is the wife of our father and of course her own paradise lies under the feet of our father. This is because the injunctions of the Holy Quran and the Traditions say that the paradise of a wife lies under the feet of her husband. Islam lays down my that we should not mistreat or blame women. If our blame proves wrong we shall be whipped (lashed) tube 100 times under the Quranic punishment of “qazaf. That is why Muslims do not dare to blame any woman uselessly in fear of this punishment.
in other religions of the world, woman is seen dancing and singing, most particularly in the Hindu temples. In western countries, she has been accustomed to pass her life as the girlfriend,
that is, as unmarried wife. This is a undoubtedly a degradation (humiliation ) of her social status. In Islam, she is not degraded by such evil (vicious ) practices of making her a toy of joy even in sacred places of worship. To keep her status dignified (highly graceful) in our eyes, no man in the religion of Islam can force any woman to dance or sing in mosques. In conclusion, we can say that in Islam the status of women is higher than in other religions.

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