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The Hostile Witness is a detective story by D.Y Morgan. In this story he depicts the character of a person who was not satisfied with the performance of the state Police, but he changed his views when witnesses the performance of the police in arresting a dangerous murderer at large.


This play is about a witness who did not co-operate with the police. The name of the witness was King, hence the title “The Hostile (non-operative) Witness: Let us study the whole plot of the to understand the role of this witness and the murder. Charlton was a hotel’s workmam. He went out of his hotel, put moustaches on his face stole a sports car and robbed the wages of factory-workers at Newcastle. Two men were carrying thousands of pounds in a bag. He killed one with his pistol, while taking hold of the bag. Then he stopped the car of a person King going to his hotel.
When Charlton and King reached the hotel two other men, Charter and Johnson, arrived! there. Then police Sergeant Manning and Constable Stevens also arrived. Mannin asked King Carter and Johnson for the keys of their rooms and cars. King gave his keys in anger, became hostile . Manning brought out a recently used revolver from King’s room. King said that the revolver was not his. Charlton had gone to King’s room to place his luggage there.
Charlton said that King had a bag that he (King) had asked him to place in a safe place. Constable stevens went with Charlton and got the bag of money from him. Sergeant Manning arrests Charlton on the charge of theft and murder. Sergeant Manning concluded that Charlton, and not King, was the muderer. He did this because King could come fast in the stolen sports car found by the police near Darlington. Kind picked him up from Darlington. Then Manning found traces (signs)of the false moustaches on Charlton’s upper lip.
The title of the play refers to King who got angry while giving his keys to the police. I shows that he was not co-operative with the police, or was hostile to them. The play surely teacher us the lesson that a criminal of Charlton’s king is caught in the end. King should not have become hostile to the police and should have co-operated happily.


Summary The hostile witness,The letter summary,English summary online


Here are letters. The first two letters are business letters and the rest are private letters. Mr. A.M. Qureshi A Pakistani Gentleman A Pakistani Gentleman wants to go to the U.K. for two months stay. The two formal letters are in connection with reservations of accomodation at London Hotel. Third one is an extract from Mr . Qureshi’s letter to its family. The fourth one is Saleem’s letter to David describe the Eid Festival in Pakistan. The Last one’s David’s reply to Saleem telling him of the Christian festivals of Christmas & Easter.
Letter I
A Pakistani Gentleman, Mr. A.M Qureshi, proposing to visit the U.K, composes on the trough Montrose Hotel, London, to save for him a solitary room from sixth to 12 February 1965. He likewise needs data about the most advantageous approach to venture out from the air terminal to the lodging.
Letter II:
The Manager of Montrose Hotel, London, informs him about the reservation and tells him that the charges for a single room with breakfast are 4/s 6/d day.
Letter III:
In this extract from this letter, Mr. Qureshi tell his family about his stay with the Browns during the weekend. His friend’s son, David, offers to exchange letters with the guest’s son. Mr. Qureshi exhor s his child to exploit his proposal with the end goal of improving his english and learning more English.
Letter IV:
Saleem replies to David’s letter and tells him how he had been celebrating the Eid-ul Fitr festival. He explains that this eid comes at the month of fasting and will be followed by another Eid a few weeks later.
He gives David his programme for the Eid Day. Getting up early, he had a bath and put up his best clothes including some new ones. He had the traditional dish for his breakfast and went to the Polo ground congregational prayers. The prayers over the participants embraced one another and returned home where the family had delicious Moghal dishes. Then presents were exchanged and Saleem went with his brother to visit their relatives. Saleem ends by requesting David to tell him about Easter & Christmas.
Lefter V:
David congratulates Saleem on his English expression and pays tributes to his father by saving that Mr. Qureshi speaks perfect English. He discloses to him that Christmas is their most significant celebration. It is the religious festival and falls on 25th December. He says that in his family they always go to church on Christmas Eve i.e 25th December for carols and on Chirstmas morning for prayers.
Parties from children go from door to door singing Chirstmas Cards in the hope of getting some money for their own pocket. Shops are decorated. The postal department engages special staff to cope with extra pressure. Living rooms of all houses are decorated with Chirstmas trees. It is a very happy day for children.
The other important festival, also religious is Easter, which falls in spring but its dates undergo a change with the change of the moon. It starts on the Friday which is called Good Friday and lasts till the following Monday which is called Easter Monday. Customarily hot crossbuns are eaten on Good Friday and Easter egg on Easter Sunday. Unlike Christmas, Easter is no time for marry making. Still the Easter Monday is a Public holiday, people likes to go to the seaside or in the country special places for an outing.
David shuts the letter with the data that Saleem’s dad would be staying with the Browns again before he flies back home in the next week.

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