When I was reading in my 8th class, my science teacher advised my father to make me a doctor as he was highly pleased with my keen (deep) interest and excraordinary proficiency (capability ) in science subjects. Next year I had to leave my village middle school and my high school was 7 kilometers away from my village. All my high school friends were very regular and punctual . Our science teachers used to check our homework daily.
They earnestly (sincerely ) appreciated (admired ) my scientific trend (attitude), particularly towards biology. It is creditable (admirable, on my part that every time I would stand first in all my subjects. The Karachi Board secondary school examination result showed my fifth top position.
My father’s friends unanimously advised him to seek (try) my admission in F.Sc. pre-medical class. My father asked my option (choice). So far I had actually never thought of making any choice of my profession. Therefore very innocently I requested my father to decide himself. He told me that he would not go against my preference (02). Naturally it was not easy for me to decide. Inernally I also preferred to take admission in some medical college for which I came to know that high first class in F.Sc.
Medical group was an inevitable (unavoidable) prerequisite .( prior condition) Fortunaiely one of my cousins was studying in the Federal Government Science College, Clifton, Karachi. He took me to his college. I was astonished (amazed ) to see its 4 storeyed building. My cousin told me that if I took admission in his college, I would benefit ( receive an advantage)most from its ultra-modern laboratories and foreign qualified staff. I therefore communicated my option to my father. He was very pleased to hear that I preferred to be a doctor.



Computer is a device (scheme ) that processes (operates) information with astonishing (amazing ) speed and accuracy (precision). Computers measure data assisting with making it and by showing (appearing) it, putting away it, rearranging it, ascertaining with it: and imparting it to different computers. Computer can process numbers, words, still pictures, moving pictures and sounds. It can perform tens of billions of calculations per second.
Millions of individuals and organizations communicate with one another over a network of computers called the Internet. Computer games entertain people of all ages. Virtually (in reality ) every kind of commercial or industrial organization througout the world conducts (performs) its business with computers. Students, teachers and research scientists use the computer as a learning tool.
The technology of computer hardware (the physical parts) has advanced tremendously since 1946, when the first electronic computer was built. Today, a single microprocessor can do pioneering works in any field of life. The first digital computer was constructed in 1939 by John V. Atanasoff, an American physicist. Since the 1950’s the commercial computers have been varying widely in size, speed, and ability. Educational software helps students get easily reference resources and learn iniraculously because its interactive system allows the user to communiacate with the computer, which then responds to his commands. Foreign language software uses audio so that students can hear words pronounced properly.
To determine whether computer is a blessing or curse is the same question as whether bread is food or poison. We know that the misuse of bread in the shape of overeating brings poisonous results. In the same way, if we misuse science by producing scientific weapons, the result is destruction of humanity. So it depends on the proper or improper use of computer that makes it a blessing or curse.



It is definite that the new millennium(a period of 1.000 years) that has already commenced (started) from 1st January, 2000 in the shape of 21st century will make the word unimaginably much more scientifically advanced than before. More complicated (complex )machines will be seen performing our routine works. Today we put our dirty clothes in the washing machine and mix some soap or soap powder in it.
We then put these clothes in the drying machine to wring (squeeze tightly ) and dry them. So it takes much of our time and increases our drudgery (toil ). During the current new millennium (21st century), we will find miraculous (marvellous or stupefying ) types of washing machines. In the current 21st century we shall get such a computerized washing machine that if we press its button, we shall (instantaneously in the twinkling of our eye) get our clothes not only wahsed and dried but also properly ironed.
In the agricultural sector, the recently started millennium seems to enable every cultivator (tiller ) to save more because he will purchase only one machine that will alone do all the jobs accomplished (performed) now separately by various machines like harvesters, threshers, combines, reapers, etc. There will not be thus innumerable (countless) insecticides i( pesticides ), rather only one insecticide will cure crop. Similarly (likewise ) in the current millennium, there will be no need of any seeds. Only one seed-pill (tablet ) will be burried in the field for the whole crop and the crop will grow not in 6 months but in just 6 weeks or even 6 days. There will thus arise bright prospects (panorama ) for every country to become the exporter of both food crops and cash crops.
In the industrial sector, the invention of astonishing machines in the current new millennium will transform the food into small tablets (pills) instead of eating food, each man will eat just one pill. This manner (way) will save money on all types of food stuffs and drinks. Similarly all light and heavy vehicles will be seen flying in the air like sparrows In the business sector as well, we can visualize (imagine) similar marvellous machines particularly (especially) in the field of the fast spreading computer-based information technology.


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